Chord Scale Finder for Music Composers

This page enables you to analyze chord progressions in order to identify which are the possible underlying musical scales. There are many scales. Some scales are seldom used. So, we grouped the scales to keep results focused.

Then, you get other chords that fit that scale, for each possible scale that "fits" your chord progression! These chords will probably fit well in your chord progression, so use them as a guide to help you complete your song!

Enter the chords of your progression

Chord Key:     Chord Type:
Chord Key:     Chord Type:
Chord Key:     Chord Type:
Chord Key:     Chord Type:
Chord Key:     Chord Type:

Choose the scale types that will be analysed

Include 'normal' scales
Include Greek Mode Scales
Include Altered Greek Scales (dorian b2, lydian #9, locrian 6, etc ...)
Include Other Western Music Scales (less common scales like the double harmonic, overtone, six tone symmetrical, etc ...)
Include Ethnic Scales (ex: napolitan, persian, hungarian, etc ...)

Type of chords sugestions you want to see in the results:

Include 'normal' triads (major, minor, augmented and diminished)
Include other triads (suspended chords)
Include 4 notes chords, like the 6th and 7th chords
Include 5 and 6 notes chords, like the 9th and 11th and 13th chords

Focus on scales that have these notes: (optional/advanced)

Note #1:
Note #2:
Note #3:
Note #4:
Note #5:

Why we developed the song analyzer ...

When you hear an amazing piece of music, it’s hard not to imagine how the composer created such beautiful music. The melodies, chords, Style and innovation, all contribute to a jaw dropping musical masterpiece. While it may seem like magical or even confusing to create such complex music, I can guarantee there is a method to the madness. It all starts with an idea. Music composers transform those ideas into masterpieces.

Music composer use many components when creating music. Pieces of music are composed of chords, chord progressions and melodies. It can get confusing at times when creating music even the best get caught up. But there is a tool online called The Chord Scale Finder for Music Composers. This tool helps composers analyzes a chord progression in order to identify what are the possible underlying musical scales. Identifying those musical scales will makes it easier for the composer to create melodies. The composer will then use the scales identified to create melodies or harmony in the right key. The scales derived from the tool will come with chords that may fit well with their chord progression.

For different styles of music, there are features in the The Chord Scale Finder that supports Greek Mode Scales, Altered Greek Scales (Dorian b2, lydian,etc.), Other Western Music Scales (less common scales like the double harmonic, overtone, six tone symmetrical, etc. ...), Ethnic Scales (ex: Neapolitan, Persian, Hungarian, etc. ...), 'normal' triads (major, minor, augmented and diminished),other triads (suspended chords), 4 notes chords, like the 6th and 7th chords & 5 and 6 notes chords, like the 9th and 11th and 13th chord. This tool is great for beginners and experts alike who need a guide to complete songs or begin the creation process!

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Tools Map

Guitar Chord Calculator

Guitar Chord Calculator

NEW The Chord Calculator lets you find all reasonable combinations of a chord voicing/shape on the guitar frets. You may specify your own chord (notes) or select a standard chord.

Chord Finder

NEW Our chord finder for guitar and piano lets you search chords that fit a set of notes, go well together with other chords and fit the music scales you want.

Scale Finder

Helps you find the scales that fit a particular melody or chord progression. Use this tool to complete your song or to identify the correct scales to solo.

Chord Progression Analyser

Analyses your song or chord to progression. It allows you to identify underlying scales to the progression and suggests new chords to resolve your song.

Chord Identifier

Searches the chord database for chords that have a specific set of notes. It allows flexibility on the key tone of the chord or on the complexity of the chord.

Scale Navigator

Enables you to browse our Musical Scale Database. The database provides information about scale structure, harmonized chords and related scales.

Chord Database

Our chord database has all types of chords, alternative designations and alternative charts. Piano chord charts also available!

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