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major       melodic minor       ionian      
harmonic minor       natural minor       dorian      
phrygian       lydian       mixolydian      
aeolian       locrian       blues      
diminished (halftone - wholetone)       diminished (wholetone - halftone)       whole tone      
major pentatonic       minor pentatonic       augmented      
leading whole tone       double harmonic       overtone      
six tone symmetrical       altered       altered bb7      
enigmatic       dorian b2       augmented lydian      
lydian b7       mixolydian b6       locrian 2      
locrian 6       augmented ionian       dorian #4      
major phrygian       lydian #9       diminished lydian      
minor lydian       arabian       balinese      
byzantine       chinese       mongolian      
egyptian       eight tone spanish       hindu      
hirajoshi       hungarian major       hungarian minor (gipsy)      
ichikosucho       kumoi       mohammedan      
neopolitan       neopolitan major       neopolitan minor      
pelog       persian       prometheus      
prometheus neopolitan       purvi theta       todi theta      
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Tools Map

Chord Namer

Find the right name for ANY chord. Input the notes and optionally the key and lowest pitch (for inversions) and get the right name for that chord.

Live Chord Finder (Mic)

Beta Online chord finder using your device mic. Play the chord to your device and our app will try to name the chord. No external plugins required. Real time graph of played notes.

Live Guitar Tuner (Mic)

Beta Online live guitar tuner with no external plugins required.
Note spectrum real time sketch.
Tunning resolution of 1/17th of a halftone and range from D2 to F4.

Guitar Chord Calculator

The Chord Calculator lets you find all reasonable combinations of a chord voicing/shape on the guitar frets. You may specify your own chord (notes) or select a standard chord.

Chord Finder

Our chord finder for guitar and piano lets you search chords that fit a set of notes, go well together with other chords and fit the music scales you want.

Scale Finder

Helps you find the scales that fit a particular melody or chord progression. Use this tool to complete your song or to identify the correct scales to solo.

Chord Progression Analyser

Analyses your song or chord to progression. It allows you to identify underlying scales to the progression and suggests new chords to resolve your song.

Chord Identifier

Searches the chord database for chords that have a specific set of notes. It allows flexibility on the key tone of the chord or on the complexity of the chord.

Scale Navigator

Enables you to browse our Musical Scale Database. The database provides information about scale structure, harmonized chords and related scales.

Chord Database

Our chord database has all types of chords, alternative designations and alternative charts. Piano chord charts also available!

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