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How to Write a Children's SongHow to Write a Children's Song

If you think writing songs for children is an easy option, think again. Children’s songs may not contain the sophistication of other forms of music, but they still present many challenges to the composer. In fact, their simplicity is one of the main factors to overcome. The writer needs to inject humour, fun, memorable words and catchy melodies in a limited space, using basic musical material. However, by keeping a few key ideas in mind, composing a children’s song can be a successful and enjoyable project.

5 Tips to Make Your First Tour Work 5 Tips to Make Your First Tour Work

First, the cold, hard truth: your first tour is not going to make you famous. Your first tour should not be six weeks of hardcore driving and shows. Your first tour will probably break up your band--that is, if you don't do it right. Touring is not an easy thing to embark upon initially, especially when you and your bandmates are doing all the work yourself, from booking to driving to promotion to playing the show. However, with a few tips from seasoned industry veterans, you can avoid some common mistakes and make it a little less pai ...