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Jazz - America's Art FormJazz - America's Art Form

Although jazz music today is played and enjoyed around the world, it originated in the United States over a century ago. It has been described as the only art form unique to the United States. Although most of us know jazz music when we hear it, it can be difficult to define, as there have been many different styles of jazz during the past century. Even the origin of the word ‘jazz’ is not known for sure.

A Brief History of Heavy MetalA Brief History of Heavy Metal

While his vivid and manic description of the effect of Heavy Metal music looks somewhat disturbing, there is no doubt that when Halford emphatically answers his own rhetoric question, “What do you want?” with “Heavy metal!” he is not alone. According to research cited by Walser, some 10 million Americans would join that chorus. However, that same research suggests nearly twice as many would blanch at the prospect. Such is the power, and divisiveness of this broad and provocative genre of rock music.