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The Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s GuideThe Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a beginning guitarist or a long-time expert, shopping for a new instrument is likely to inspire giddiness that can’t be replicated anywhere else in life. The difference between a novice’s shopping habits and those of a two-decade-long player is that the new guitarist might not know exactly what to look for. You’re still trying to figure out your style and preferences, so getting the best instrument for your tastes might be more challenging. These tips and suggestions will help you pick a guitar that will make joyful ...

Musicians Christmas GiftsMusicians Christmas Gifts

Musicians can sometimes be difficult to buy for when the holidays roll around. People will avoid buying any kind of musical gift for fear of getting something the musician will not like or be able to use. But there are certain gifts that you can get for any artist that will be a big hit during the holidays.

Let's Learn to Play Rock Band Guitar on MediumLet's Learn to Play Rock Band Guitar on Medium

Playing Rock Band on easy difficulty just isn't as difficult as it used to be. Impossible songs like "Caprici di Diablo" and "The Trooper" are more of a yawn than they are a challenge. And let's not get started on the easier songs. In fact, you've scored a perfect 100% completion rating on more than a few easy songs and even some that aren't so easy.

Learning to Play Rock BandLearning to Play Rock Band

That was a cool party you were at yesterday. All of your work buddies and friends gathering together to share a couple of drinks and have a good time. Then someone mentioned playing Rock Band. That didn't sound so bad. Except when the guitar was passed to you, you sucked and that cute girl or guy you had your eye on wasn't as impressed in your "epic level shredding" as you would've hoped.