Musicians Christmas Gifts

Musicians Christmas Gifts

Musicians can sometimes be difficult to buy for when the holidays roll around. People will avoid buying any kind of musical gift for fear of getting something the musician will not like or be able to use. But there are certain gifts that you can get for any artist that will be a big hit during the holidays.

New Music

It is in the nature of a musician to be curious about how other genres of music sound. When you listen to popular music, you can often hear a cross-section of influences that come together to help create a distinctive sound.

That is why the gift of new and different music can be something a musician will appreciate and enjoy. For example, if you know a rock guitarist, then get him a jazz album for Christmas. Introducing a musician to a different genre of music is easier when you give the best example of that genre, so do some research and find a jazz album that critics agree is a good one.

New Instrument

Musical scales and theories apply to all instruments. The only difference is in how the instrument is played. For example, the scales and chords on a piano are the same as a guitar, but the guitar requires a different playing method than the piano.

For Christmas, you can get the musician in your life an instrument that he has never played before. As was mentioned earlier, it is that musician’s curiosity that will make this an appreciated gift. You can rest assured that you will be one of the first people to hear your musician proudly play the first song on his new instrument.

Musician’s Autobiography

Musicians Christmas Gifts

People can watch biographical shows on television, but there is nothing like hearing a famous musician’s life story in her own words. In some cases, it can be difficult to find an autobiography written by a musician because so few take the time to write out their life stories. But there are plenty of good musical lives on bookshelves for the public to read.

The autobiography does not have to be about an artist that your musician is familiar with, but familiarity will motivate your musician to read the book. Some musicians would appreciate reading the story of someone that they were not previously familiar with, so do not limit your topics.

Gift Card

In most cases, a gift card can make a terrible Christmas gift. But musicians are very particular about the products they buy. The chances that you will buy something the musician cannot use are very high. A gift card will allow you to give the gift of accessories or a new instrument without getting something your musician cannot use.

A musician spends years developing his craft to the point where he feels comfortable performing for an audience. At Christmastime, it can be a mistake to try and buy a musician something that you think he may be able to use in his work. But you can buy a gift that will help broaden his horizons and expose him to new music that he will appreciate for many years to come.

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