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This page enables you to navigate our chord database.

The goal of our database is to provide information on how chords are constructed for the guitar, and their forms of execution.

The database classifies chords by importance and difficulty level. We hope you find it useful!

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List of chords per key tone: A; A#; Ab; B; Bb; C; C#; D; D#; Db; E; Eb; F; F#; G; G#; Gb;

List of chord per type of chord: major; minor; augmented; diminished; suspended 2nd; suspended 4th; 5th (power chords); 6th; minor 6th; 6th/9th; 7th; minor 7th; minor chord with major 7th - m(maj7); augmented 7th; diminished 7th - º7; minor 7th flat 5th; 7th sharp 5th; 7th flat 5th; 7th suspended 2nd; 7th suspended 4th; 9th; minor 9th; major 9th; 9th sharp 5th; 9th flat 5th; 9th suspended 2nd; 9th suspended 4th; minor 11th; 13th; minor 13th; augmented 13th;

List of chords by category: Major chords ; Minor chords ; Diminished chords ; Augmented chords ; 7th chords ; 6th chords ; 9th chords ; 11th chords ; 13th chords ; Suspended chords ;

List of chords by importance: Very important; Frequently used; occasionally used; Rarely used;

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