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Put together a "soup" of notes and scales to get chord suggestions that fit your requirements.

The chord finder requires at least three constrains. Example: 2 notes and one chord, 1 note and 2 scales, etc.
The chord finder shows you chords that have the notes you want and that sound good with other chords you require. Also you may define music scales types that your resulting chords should be compatible with.

Try also the dynamic Chord Finder or the simpler Chord Identifier .

Chord Finder Inputs:

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Select Chords:
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Key:   Type:

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compatible with chords you want do find

Total results found: 5



E minor eleventh
Guitar chord Em11 (E minor eleventh)
Piano/keyboard chord Em11 (E minor eleventh)


G sixth ninth
Guitar chord G6/9 (G sixth ninth)
Piano/keyboard chord G6/9 (G sixth ninth)


G ninth
Guitar chord G9 (G ninth)
Piano/keyboard chord G9 (G ninth)


G major ninth
Guitar chord Gmaj9 (G major ninth)
Piano/keyboard chord Gmaj9 (G major ninth)


A ninth suspended fourth
Guitar chord A9sus4 (A ninth suspended fourth)
Piano/keyboard chord A9sus4 (A ninth suspended fourth)

Total results found: 5

Why we developed the Ultimate Chord Finder ...

Listening to good music can be an experience. Music lovers and composers share a love for the effect music has on people. Some music composers approach that sensation with a different perspective. Why? For the simple fact, musicians understand the mechanics behind the beauty be of great music. This statement is true especially when they know how to create music. A good term to describe this is scenario would be “The magic is in the mystery.” For beginner and Masters alike, it's important to have a guide to help composers create musical pieces. Musicians need help putting it the desired end into perspective. A useful tool that will help is the Ultimate Chord Identifier (Reverse Chord Finder).

Check our Chord Identifier tool also.

The Ultimate Chord Finder makes musicians job easier for creating music that will better the listener’s experience. Use the Chord Identifier, we hope you enjoy it!