Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) Guitar Chord

Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) Guitar Chord. 1 chord voicings, charts and sounds. Chord notes and structure: A B C D F D# G# ( R 2 m3 4 #5 b5 7).

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Guitar chord name Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5)
Guitar sound
Notes and structureA B C D F D# G# ( R 2 m3 4 #5 b5 7) Tweak chord notes
Related Chords Cm(maj9/11/13)#5/D   Cm(maj9/11/13)#5/D#   Cm(maj9/11/13)#5/F  
Chord Categoriesmin   dim   7   9  
Other NotationsAdim(maj9/11)/D add(+5);
Chord Constructionminor chord: chord has minor third (R + m3)
chord is diminished (dim): minor + has diminished 5th (R + b5)
chord is dim(maj7) (diminished with major 7th): dim chord (R,m3,m5) + major 7
chord is dim(maj9): chord dim(maj7) with added 2nd (9th)
chord is dim(maj9/11): chord dim(maj9) with added 4th (11th)
add degrees that do not fit in the chord structure: add(#5)
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) on other instrumentsAdim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) piano
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) Piano chord chart
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) guitar
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) Guitar chord chart
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) ukulele
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) mandolin
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) banjo

Guitar chart on frets: 10 11 10 10 10 7
Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) for guitar on frets 10, 11, 10, 10, 10, 7 Adim(maj9/11)/D add(#5) for guitar on frets 10, 11, 10, 10, 10, 7

Scales Related to this chord

D diminished (halftone - wholetone) F diminished (halftone - wholetone) G#/Ab diminished (halftone - wholetone) B diminished (halftone - wholetone) C diminished (wholetone - halftone) D#/Eb diminished (wholetone - halftone) F#/Gb diminished (wholetone - halftone) A diminished (wholetone - halftone) F hungarian major

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