Ab13 Mandolin Chord

Ab13 for Mandolin has the notes Ab C Eb Gb F and can be played 4 different ways. Learn about its related chords and interval structure: R 3 5 m7 13.

Ab13 Chord

Full name: A flat thirteenth
AKA: Ab7(add13)   Ab7/6   Ab7/13   Ab7(add6)   Abdom7/6   Abdom7/13   Abdom6   Abdom13   Abdom7(add6)   Abdom7(add13)  

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Ab13 Mandolin Chord Charts

(discarded 1 less important note to make it possible to form the chord)

Ab13 mandolin chord
Ab13 mandolin chord
Ab13 mandolin chord
Ab13 mandolin chord

Ab13 Inversions on mandolin

Ab13\C mandolin chord
Ab13\Eb mandolin chord
Ab13\Gb mandolin chord
Ab13\F mandolin chord

Ab13 Chord Structure

Notes: Ab C Eb Gb F
Interval structure: R 3 5 m7 13

G#13 ;

Ab13 on other instruments

Ab13 piano
Ab13 Piano chord chart
Ab13 guitar
Ab13 Guitar chord chart
Ab13 ukulele
Ab13 ukulele chord
Ab13 mandolin
Ab13 mandolin chord
Ab13 banjo
Ab13 banjo chord

Scales Related to Ab13

Scales that include all of the notes of Ab13.
C#/Db major D#/Eb melodic minor C#/Db ionian A#/Bb natural minor D#/Eb dorian F phrygian F#/Gb lydian G#/Ab mixolydian A#/Bb aeolian C locrian D diminished (halftone - wholetone) F diminished (halftone - wholetone) G#/Ab diminished (halftone - wholetone) B diminished (halftone - wholetone) C diminished (wholetone - halftone) D#/Eb diminished (wholetone - halftone) F#/Gb diminished (wholetone - halftone) A diminished (wholetone - halftone) G#/Ab overtone D altered

Ab13 chord staff

Musical staff for the Ab13 chord

Ab13 summary table

References related to this chord

dominant seventh (normal seventh) chord with added 13th (6th). Most of the time the 5th is left out (3rd note). The 13th = 6th, 13th is used when the chord is a 7th chord with added 6th, 6th chords are not 7th chords with added 6th.   13th chord  

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