Fm13 Mandolin Chord
F minor thirteenth for mandolin

Fm13 for Mandolin has the notes F Ab C Eb D and can be played 5 different ways. Learn about its related chords and interval structure: R m3 5 m7 13.

Mandolin chord name
Fm13 (F minor thirteenth)
Notes and structure
F Ab C Eb D (R m3 5 m7 13)

Mandolin chord charts

(discarded 1 less important note to make it possible to form the chord)

Fm13 mandolin chord
Fm13 mandolin chord
Fm13 mandolin chord
Fm13 mandolin chord
Fm13 mandolin chord

Scales Related to this chord

D#/Eb major D#/Eb melodic minor D#/Eb ionian C harmonic minor C natural minor F dorian G phrygian G#/Ab lydian A#/Bb mixolydian C aeolian D locrian D diminished (halftone - wholetone) F diminished (halftone - wholetone) G#/Ab diminished (halftone - wholetone) B diminished (halftone - wholetone) C diminished (wholetone - halftone) D#/Eb diminished (wholetone - halftone) F#/Gb diminished (wholetone - halftone) A diminished (wholetone - halftone) G#/Ab overtone

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