E6/9sus4 Ukulele Chord

E6/9sus4 for Ukulele has the notes E F# A B C# and can be played 4 different ways. Learn about its related chords and interval structure: R 2 4 5 6.

Ukulele chord name
Notes and structure
E F# A B C# ( R 2 4 5 6)
Chord Categories
Alternative Names
E6/7/9sus4; E6/7sus4 add2; E6/7sus4 add9;
Chord Construction
chord is 6/9sus4: suspended + has 4th replacing the 3rd

Ukulele chord charts

(discarded 1 less important note to make it possible to form the chord)

E6/9sus4 ukulele chord
E6/9sus4 ukulele chord
E6/9sus4 ukulele chord
E6/9sus4 ukulele chord

Scales Related to this chord

D major E major A major E melodic minor D ionian E ionian A ionian C#/Db natural minor F#/Gb natural minor B natural minor E dorian F#/Gb dorian B dorian C#/Db phrygian F#/Gb phrygian G#/Ab phrygian D lydian G lydian A lydian E mixolydian

References related to this chord

Altered Seventh Chords on Wikipedia
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