Musical Scale Info: B neopolitan

Notes of this scale:
B C D E F# G A#
Interval structure of this scale:
h W W W h (W+h) h
(W: Whole tone, h: half tone)
Scale structure:
1 b2 b3 4 5 b6 7

Chords that fit in this scale:
Normal Triads: C    Daug    Em    Edim    F#aug    G    Gm    A#aug    Bm   

Other Triads: Csus2    Esus2    Gsus4    Bsus4   

4 Notes Chords: Cmaj7    C7    C7b5    C7sus2    D7#5    Em7    Em7b5    E7sus2    F#7b5    F#7#5    G6    Gm6    Gmaj7    Gm(maj7)    Bm(maj7)    C\E    C\G   

5 and 6 Note Chords: C9    C9b5    Cmaj9    C9sus2    D9#5    Em9    E9sus2    Gmaj13    Cmaj7\G    Cmaj9\E    C7\G    C7\E    C9\G   
Scales Equivalent to B neopolitan :
Scales wich notes are within B neopolitan:
Scales where B neopolitan is within them:
Scales 1 note away from B neopolitan:
G major; G melodic minor; G ionian; B harmonic minor; E natural minor; A dorian; B phrygian; C lydian; D mixolydian; E aeolian; F#/Gb locrian;

Charts for B neopolitan on Guitar and Piano

neopolitan scale on key B for Guitar

neopolitan scale on key B for Piano

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