Musical Scale Navigator: List of scales with key A

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A major
A melodic minor
A ionian
A harmonic minor
A natural minor
A dorian
A phrygian
A lydian
A mixolydian
A aeolian
A locrian
A blues
A diminished (halftone - wholetone)
A diminished (wholetone - halftone)
A whole tone
A major pentatonic
A minor pentatonic
A augmented
A leading whole tone
A double harmonic
A overtone
A six tone symmetrical
A altered
A altered bb7
A enigmatic
A dorian b2
A augmented lydian
A lydian b7
A mixolydian b6
A locrian 2
A locrian 6
A augmented ionian
A dorian #4
A major phrygian
A lydian #9
A diminished lydian
A minor lydian
A arabian
A balinese
A byzantine
A chinese
A mongolian
A egyptian
A eight tone spanish
A hindu
A hirajoshi
A hungarian major
A hungarian minor (gipsy)
A ichikosucho
A kumoi
A mohammedan
A neopolitan
A neopolitan major
A neopolitan minor
A pelog
A persian
A prometheus
A prometheus neopolitan
A purvi theta
A todi theta