Musical Scale Navigator: List of scales with key A

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A Blues       A Diatonic       A Diminished (halftone - wholetone)      
A Diminished (wholetone - halftone)       A augmented       A dominant pentatonic      
A harmonic minor       A major       A major blues      
A major pentatonic       A melodic minor       A minor pentatonic      
A natural minor       A pentatonic blues       A pentatonic neutral      
A whole tone       A aeolian       A dorian      
A ionian       A locrian       A lydian      
A mixolydian       A phrygian       A Dorian #4      
A Dorian b2       A Ionian #5       A Locrian 6      
A Major Phrygian       A Phrygian Major       A Ultralocrian      
A augmented ionian       A augmented lydian       A diminished lydian      
A locrian #2       A locrian 2       A lydian #9      
A lydian b7       A minor lydian       A mixolydian b6      
A Altered       A Altered bb7       A Diminished      
A Diminished Whole Tone       A Dominant 7th       A Enigmatic      
A Half Diminished       A Leading Whole Tone       A Octatonic (H-W)      
A Octatonic (W-H)       A Overtone       A Six Tone Symmetrical      
A bebop dominant       A bebop half diminished       A bebop major      
A bebop minor       A double harmonic       A Algerian      
A Arabian (a)       A Arabian (b)       A Balinese      
A Byzantine       A Chinese       A Chinese Mongolian      
A Egyptian       A Eight Tone Spanish       A Hindu      
A Hirajoshi       A Hungarian Major       A Hungarian Minor (Gipsy)      
A Iwato       A Japanese (in sen)       A Kumoi      
A Kumoi 2       A Mohammedan       A Mongolian      
A Moorish Phrygian       A Neopolitan       A Neopolitan Major      
A Neopolitan Minor       A Pelog       A Pelog 2      
A Persian       A Prometheus       A Prometheus Neopolitan      
A Purvi theta       A Todi theta       A arabian      
A chinese 2       A hirajoshi 2       A ichikosucho